Liability Claims

Crawford Aviation has a dedicated team of liability adjusters with a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with all manner of aviation related liability claims.  The team is highly adept at handling claims involving:

  1. Airlines / Carriers – Carriers’ liability for passengers during the course of any carriage performed and any other third party liability arising out of carriers' operations:

    - all levels of personal injury and/or property claims are handled

  2. Ground Handling – Ground Handlers' liability arising out of the performance of any aspect of their operations/services on or about any airport:

    - damage to or loss of third party aircraft or propertyDocking airbridge
    - injury to passengers or airport personnel 

  3. Airport Authority – Airports’ liability towards all users/visitors on or about an airport:

    - visitor personal injury or property damage within airport premises
    - third party personnel injuries or property damage

  4. Cargo – Operators' liability arising out of their cargo carriage operations: 

    - damaged to or loss of cargo
    - theft
    - destruction or reduced life of perishable cargo
    - perishable cargo integrity survey 

  5. Recoveries / Subrogation – Provision of services to consider and advise in relation to the pursuit of first party outlays.

  6. Baggage – Comprehensive handling of all claims received by carriers relating to loss, damage or delay to bagagge during carriage.

  7. Other – Considerable experience in the handling of Aviation personnel Personal Accident and Loss of Licence matters.

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Our Liability team effectively handle any pre-litigation matter adopting a fast and efficient approach to investigation and advice to clients.  With the utilisation of effective account management, dedicated skilled staff and bespoke IT solutions we consider our service to be unrivalled within our industry.

If you would like any further information, please contact:

Amir Khan - Liability Claims Manager 

T:  +44 (0) 20 7265 4273
M: +44 (0) 7841 398 659