Hull Claims

With our extensive network of highly skilled and experienced aircraft surveyors we have a long history and proven track record of handling claims involving any type of aircraft including airliners, business jets, general aviation, helicopters and military aircraft. damaged tail fin

Our hull services include:

- Hull and Deductible surveying and adjusting
- Engine ingestion and failure surveys
- Uninsured claims
- Major incident management and clean-up
- Repair monitoring and claim cost minimization
- Wreckage recoveries
- Salvage sales
- Technical advice and expert legal testimony

Our philosophy is to ensure that all losses are dealt with in the most efficient and timely manner.


We endeavour to ensure that our swift response to all instructions from the aviation insurance industry meets the requirements of both the insured and insurers by reducing aircraft downtime whilst at the same time minimising the overall cost of the repairs.

Our surveyors are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to survey a damaged aircraft anywhere throughout the world.

Where a major catastrophe has occurred our surveyors are trained to assist the operator in liaising with the relatives and arranging the repatriation and identification of the deceased, handling the press and associated organisations, assisting the investigating authorities and arranging the recovery of the wreckage.

In addition once the insurance formalities are complete our team of experts are able to dispose of the wreckage in an efficient and timely manner, maximising the benefit to insurers. We work closely with specialists units that deal with environment issues and site clean up and restoration.

Repair Monitoringview into GA cockpit

Where the damage is of a less serious nature, our surveyors are familiar with all the major aircraft repairers and engine repair shops throughout the world. We are able to liaise with the personnel directly involved in the aircraft/engine repair and work to ensure that the repairs are carried out both efficiently and economically thereby reducing the cost to both the insured and insurers.

Where smaller aircraft are involved we are on hand to carry out surveys, evaluate the damage and, where appropriate, assist with the formulation of a suitable repair workscope.

Our expertise in the field of General Aviation means that we are familiar with a large number of repairers and recovery organisations throughout Europe which helps us to ensure that the aircraft is quickly recovered from the accident site and that repairs are carried out as promptly and as economically as reasonably possible.

If you would like to know more about our hull services, please contact:

Trevor Light
CEO, Crawford Aviation
T:  +44 (0) 20 7265 4274
M: +44 (0) 7440 977 338