Aviation LS and Crawford Aviation regularly facilitate salvaged aircraft, helicopters and parts for sale in blind tenders. The aircraft have usually been involved in an incident resulting in damage of varying severity and have been subject to an insurance claim. We are pleased to act as agents of insurers in this regard and do not take ownership of aircraft at any time.

We endeavor to provide as much descriptive and visual information about the current state of the aircraft as possible with each tender.

The table below lists open bid contracts/tenders along with claim number and bid closing date. For more information about the specific tender, please click on the claim number. Unless otherwise noted, bid closing time is 11:00 a.m. U.S. Central time on the date specified in the bid materials.  Click the date to submit a bid.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of sale on the bid page carefully before submitting a bid.

Should you have any general query about our salvage sales, please contact 

Claim NumberN NumberAircraft TypeLocationBid Closing Date
CA37278N61LR2014 Zenith CH 750AMF Aviation, LLC Springfield, TNDec 20 2017
CA37315N186KW2009 Canadian Home SafariFayetteville, NC (FAY)Jan 01 2018
CA37261N344MM2006 Robinson R44St. Peters Recovery & Storage, Wright City, MOJan 05 2018
CA37293N464CT2007 Flight Design Sport CTBaton Rouge, LA (TW Cook 225-921-3574)Jan 05 2018