Aircraft Appraisals

P-51 Aircraft

Aviation LS is now in a position to offer Aircraft Appraisals as we continue to broaden the range of services we offer to our Clients.

In addition to his licensed Adjuster credentials Eric Weidner is a licensed certified aircraft appraiser, having received his certification through the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA), and is licensed to complete appraisals on any piston engine aircraft.  

The NAAA is the trade association and certifying authority for professional aircraft appraisers. Founded in 1980, the NAAA is the only working trade association for aircraft appraisers in the United States and with 250 members sets the standard of the aircraft appraisal. The NAAA's service is unique with its primary mission to provide you with a prompt, accurate aircraft appraisal at a reasonable price. The Association's computer software application, extensive database, and standardized method of evaluation, enable our members to appraise your aircraft at its current market value, not the historical value.

Mr. Weidner has been an aviation claims adjuster since 2006, which has exposed him to just about any aircraft imaginable from vintage fabric aircraft to the newest compost models and everything in between.  He is well versed in the aviation market and how damage history may or may not affect an aircraft’s value.

Mr. Weidner is a graduate of the University of Georgia (cum laude) and holds both a CMEL and ASEL pilot rating.  Most recently, he was invited by the NTSB to speak on behalf of the insurance industry presenting to all of the NTSB’s Air Safety Investigators regarding the NTSB’s relationship with the insurance industry.

To learn more, please contact Eric Weidner directly at 770-356-3053.